Toca’s Miracle

This is one of the all time greats. Just waiting for like a 10-minute infomercial during this Holiday Season selling some sort of “Greatest Hits” electronic dance music compilation. Instead of wine and a lovely couple sitting infront of a fire place reminiscing over Christmas songs, the scene will be situated in Miami with lights, music, and kandi kids. Anyway, if there were to be a greatest hits, Toca’s Miracle would surely hold a top spot. They just don’t make ’em like they used to, and you come to this stark reality when you hear cuts like this. Below, I break down my favorite Toca remixes over the past decade. For starters, the Bastian is new-age techy, Rocca/MDLM drawn out and a bit deeper, Inpetto old-school progressive without the drops and gizmos, and finally the fast-paced super high bpm vintage Z100 favorite DJ Skribble club remix dating back to the turn of the century. My vote goes to Inpetto.  Cheers.


Toca’s Miracle (Bastian Van Shield 2012 Remix) – Fragma

Toca’s Miracle (Luigi Rocca & Manuel De La Mare Remix) – Fragma

Tocas Miracle (Inpetto Remix) – Fragma

Toca’s Miracle (DJ Skribble) – Fragma

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