Velvet Winter – Crystal Heart

A rock project that’s just starting out with a strong sound is one of our favorite music finds. And I think we’ve got just that with Velvet Winter. Check out their debut single “Crystal Heart” along with the haunting official video. The vocals are charged with attitude and blend beautifully into dark rock riffs. Enjoy!

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The Fridg – Outlaw (feat. BeLL)

The Fridg and BeLL are killing us with their new collaboration, “Outlaw.” Organic style drums with a trap rhythm bring things up. Then BeLL’s vocals cut through and fit into everything for an epic western futuristic vibe. It’s a cool track and we’ll be keeping an eye out for more.

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Valentine & 4AM – Us (feat. Naji)

Wow! This is something fresh in the electronic pop scene. Moving Castle is going through some really cool changes, with their newest release really demonstrating this. Valentine and 4AM, two stellar producers on the come up, are responsible for “Us,” a beautiful, anthemic journey through music. We will be the first to say it; this track is going to catch on like wildfire.

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Axl Feat. Gino Holroyd – Presumptuous

Gino Holroyd has quickly became on of our favorite MC’s and for good reason. He’s versatile and dynamic on the mic. For instance, take this song “Presumptuous”. It’s hard hitting and smooth all at once produced by Axl. I know this is going to receive HEAVY rotation within my personal playlists. Enjoy the good vibes.

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Douchka – Call You Mine Feat Lia

“Call You Mine” by Douchka and Lia is now one of my new favorite tunes. All I know is it’s going to be receiving heavy rotation within my playlists. Seldom do one of these types of songs surface to the face of the web. So before you overlook this song give it a spin and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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Sawyer – Easy Now

My ears were elated to hear this epic new track from the indie pop duo SAWYER. In the past few months this group has been filling my Spring playlists with their sunny style and addictive hooks. If you’re trying to elevate your energy to a happy place, do yourself a favor and give “Easy Now” a listen right away.

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LYSA – Beats And Battle Drums

This is a new song that’s going right onto my preemptive, and I’ll admit possibly premature, summer party playlist. LYSA’s “Beats And Battle Drums” will have you up and moving in no time. It has a strong lead vocal part and high-energy rhythms.

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Kygo – Raging ft. Kodaline (LZRD Remix)


Kygo’s track “Raging” has been remixed by LZRD and has left fans in awe with the new transformation of the song. LZRD is notorious for his amazing remixed, however, “Raging” has topped them all at the moment. LZRD has taken a song that is already considered energetic and has pushed the energy to a whole new level that no one thought was possible. The remix starts out with a good vibe pop flare that eventually develops into a rhythmic electronic anthem that makes anyone want to lose control and dance. Give LZRD’s remix of “Raging” a listen for a good time and an energetic experience that few artists can deliver.

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Callie Reiff – Stimulate

Young DJ Callie Reiff is taking her craft to the next level with the release of her new track called “Stimualte”. The track has a new, intense eclectic sound that makes the DJ’s production more bass driven and rhythmic, giving her the title of a prodigy. The intensity given by the energy of the song combined with the erie sounding synths and percussions makes “Stimulate” one in a million as it can be appreciated on multiple levels. Whether you are wanting to listen to a track that puts you into deep focus or simply just makes you want to dance, “Stimulate” has it all.

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Jeffrey James – Running Away

Released on the rising label, South x Sea ,“Running Away” is a new creation by the Nashville based artist Jeffrey James. It’s an indie pop record where the rhythms hold things together as the vocal melodies pull at the heartstrings. Stream it here and enjoy.

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