Wilsonn – Idiocentric mixtape

I really like the concept of this mixtape. In this day and age it seems like artists are much more focused on releasing production remixes OR singles if their more vocal based musicians, but not Wilsonn. Take his version of “Touched” by WSN for example, the lyrics he wrote actually speak about the life of an artist, giving the tune an entirely new message in more ways than one.  Similar to how a remix of a record can add a new dynamic, Wilsonn has reversed the process, taking the work of his favorite artists and influences then adding in his lyrics and vocals to create a new expression and/or meaning to the original work.


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Avery Lr – Color Of Skin

Avery LR sample_1

Avery LR is dropping truth on his new track “Color Of Skin.” His flow is smooth but direct and hard hitting. It’s great for communicating the message, which is positive but real as hell. The production is on point and the sick beat matches the rapping and hook nicely. Stream it here and get to know a fresh hip-hop artist.

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First Day – Anna Ross


Check out Anna Ross’s song “First Day.” The vocals are stunning and the arrangement is matched by crisp production and bumping rhythms. The singer has performed and toured with Duran Duran and without a doubt has played to some big crowds.  So she’s bringing that experience to the solo work and is definitley crafting out a unique noteworthy style. Give it a listen and enjoy!

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Ezkiel – West End

After finding “West End” by Ezkiel, I’m delighted. This tune bangs and would go off at your local function or club. If you’re looking for a slapper look no further because this song is awesome. Enjoy!

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Justin Jay – Can’t Hang

JJ_v3 (2) (3) (1)
Justin Jay just dropped a new song, “Can’t Hang”and we’re digging it. His sound has a lot of personality while still hanging on the classic roots. Some house rhythm and bass plus a few simple elements and it’s all working together.

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Velvet Winter – Diamond Daydreams


Velvet Winter is back after her last song which we covered, “Crystal Heart.” Personally, I thought “Crystal Heart” and it’s mysterious video would be hard to top. But “Diamond Daydreams” is a really solid follow up and a great direction for the LA artist’s sound. It has a more experimental-electronic, pop-infused flavor and is a little less alternative/rock sounding. So check out the new song and video right here!

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Late in the Night – Eric Frisch (Album)


‘Late in the Night’ is a new album by New York City’s singer-songwriter Eric Frisch. The overall sound is a pleasant reminder of music from the past with a forward thinking yet very classic style. Highlights for us are definitley the title track “Late in the Night” and we’re really grooving to the first song “As Long As I’m Alive.” Tune in to some old school pop and enjoy!

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Adventure Club – Breathe feat. SONDAR (Indiginis Remix)

Indiginis initially popped up with a collaboration with BLU J, and have been making waves ever since. Remixing the likes of Miike Snow, The M Machine, PLS&TY & various others, they’re now back with an Adventure Club flip that will blow your socks off! Injecting” Dream” with a hip-hop-meets-electronic style production style gave the record just the type of face list it needed.

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James Kahil – Runaways (prod. Mantra)

When this track hit my inbox I was blown away. Meet James Kahil, a Chicagoan who’s got a story to tell. This house pop blend of electronic is astonishingly amazing and we’re in love. Hit play and enjoy!

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Jef Miles – London Rayne (F/ Windmills)

Seldom do you find music this amazing. Introducing Jef Miles a production dream team that’s really blown us away with these past few releases. The way they’re able to tell stories through sound completely separates them from the rest of the crowd. Smash that play and enjoy.

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