Little Daylight – My Life (Halogen Remix)


Alternative band, Little Daylight, gets a 2.0 rework of their track “My Life.” Remixed by Atlanta duo, Halogen, the groovy house rendition has a futuristic vibe filled with build ups, percussions, chopped vocals and a hypnotizing beat. A 180-flip from the original, Halogen continues to impress with each release. Previously tackling tracks from Basement Jaxx, Ellie Goulding, Empire of the Sun and many more, Halogen members Alex and Josh, strayed away from their typical path with their latest. Stream the tune below & enjoy!

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GoldLink & Falcons – Vroom


Better late than never! I know I’m coming at you a week late, but it’s only because I’ve been preoccupied hitting the repeat button on this collab for the last 7 days. The music Gods answered my prayers teaming GoldLink and Falcons together. Titled “Vroom”, this tune is one of the most versatile I’ve ever heard. Whether you’re at a party or chilling at home, this song is the go-to. A dope beat paired with GoldLink’s flawless lyrics create perfection in one song. To make it even better, it’s free. Go grab your Free Download and enjoy!

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GRiZ – The Anthem


The Golden Era of Funk has returned, thanks to GRiZ! Going far beyond ‘pushing buttons’, his latest record involved an array of instrumentalists, vocalists and musicians. “The Anthem” is a funky fresh jam filled with guitar, bass, saxophone and a full member choir. Transporting you back to the 70’s, this track was made for the dance floor. The amount of orchestrating that went into this soulful funky anthem has impressed us immensely, we’re looking forward to what GRiZ has for us in the future. Stream below and check out GRiZ’s up-coming tour dates!

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Lil Wayne & Kanye West – Lollipop (1DAFUL ‘G-house’ Remix)


1DAFUL, a DJ & production duo hailing from Montreal, Canada introduced fans to their long-lived taste of house & hip-hop with a number of ‘G-House’ remixes. Now, they’re back with another nostalgic G-House remix of “Lollipop” by Lil Wayne. With an uptempo intro lined with Kanye’s verse pitched down, 1DAFUL leads into a heavy trap interlude, shoving you straight into a hard-hitting future house breakdown. If you’ve never heard of 1DAFUL, this is the perfect opportunity to turn your volume up, and hear them for the first time as loud as possible!

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Lupe Fiasco x Jill Scott – Daydreamin (ANGELZ ‘g house’ Edit)


This new Lupe Fiasco remix by ANGELZ is crazy dope. The infectious bass line that comes into play after the spacey intro featuring vocals from the original will make you really wanna move, and the pitched down verse from Mr. Fiasco will remind exactly you why this song was such a hit back in ‘06. One of my favorite parts of this edit is the low key sample placement of Paul Wall saying “Drive Slow Homie” – just the perfect touch IMO. This flip is not only nostalgic bliss, ANGELZ’ edit on the classic hip-hop gem is great enough to put a major pep in your step for the rest of the day. Check out the new “Daydreamin” remix below and snag your Free copy while you’re at it!

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Roman Austin – Busy Love

Roman Austin - Busy Love

Originally airing on HOF Radio volume 2, “Busy Love” is the brand new single from Sacramento, CA based producer/songwriter/singer, Roman Austin. When asked about his inspiration for the powerful R&B/Electronic crossover song, Roman said:

“I’m in my early twenties. And this song is just something I feel that people can relate to…when you’re in a relationship or you’re talking to someone special, but your work is just way more important right now…you gotta get things done and you just don’t have time to cater to love.”

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50 Cent – In Da Club (Bender Remix)


Whenever 50 Cent’s 2003 classic “In Da Club” comes on at a party, everyone and their dog turns up un doubtedly. But, with dance music dominating the current club scenes, it has become a rarity that the hip-hop jam is mixed into live sets because of its differing BPM from the typical house track. Well, Bender stepped up to the plate and spun “In Da Club” into a gritty dance floor heater that is sure to be that new hot fire you hear at the club. Check it out below.

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Curbi – Discharge

Curbi Discharge

British prodigy, Curbi, announces his new single, “Discharge,” due out in March via Spinnin’ Records. This gifted 16-year-old isn’t new to the game as he’s been producing tracks for a number of years, but it took persistence and getting noticed by the house music don, Oliver Heldens, for him to initiate his upward trajectory. Now, Curbi is signed to the world renowned dance imprint, Spinnin’ Records, and he’s ready for his introduction to the world.

On “Discharge,” Curbi flexes his production prowess, melding catchy synth stabs with slick percussive work for a club-ready future house gem. With masterful tracks like this one and support from Oliver Heldens, Avicii, and more, Curbi is already on his way to international stardom, and he’s only just getting started.

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Ellie Goulding – Love Me Like You Do (ATB Remix)


Last night, ATB debuted his remix of the smash hit ‘Love Me Like You Do’ by Ellie Goulding on SiriusXM BPM. Now the top streaming song in UK, the ubiquitous original from the record breaking movie ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ adds the legendary ATB’s beautiful melodies to Ellie’s sultry vocals. ATB has been in the studio over the past year working on his tenth studio album due out later this year and has decided to get the momentum going with a trance-progressive punch via “Love Me Like You Do.” ATB’s remix is available for free download here.

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Whitney Fierce – The Broken Car Window EP

RIS025 600x600

Rock It Science Labs is proud to present the debut solo EP from Los Angeles’ luminary Whitney Fierce entitled The Broken Car Window EP. This release defines her self-styled “Dream House” sound – subtle, sexy, and deep. ‘The Night Air’ combines moody chimes, strings, and basslines with intricate percussion while her vocals recall a warm night in her Corvette. Eric Sharp takes the tune in a brighter, more upbeat direction with his version. A full remix package is still to come so keep your ears to the ground for that.

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