Toggo Ultrarock – Cannonball

Toggo Ultrarock 3

We were just introduced to the artist Toggo Ultrarock. His new single’s music video and riotous sound grabbed our attention right off the bat. “Cannonball” is an all around fun song with lots of dance rock flavor. Something I think we would all be getting down to live. Check out the video here!

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Jeffrey James – Unsaid


Singer-songwriter Jeffery James just released a soothing new tune. “Unsaid” has a lot to get into lyrically and James has the chops to deliver on a vocal centered arrangement. The rhythm is subtle and just gets going at the end and the song rides out with a relaxing effect.

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Massappeals – Cola


The song’s name with it’s bubbling sound will give you a mad craving for a coke. At least I was feeling that. The England-based producer, Massappeals just dropped the third release from a new EP. It’s super groovy and doesn’t take itself too seriously, making for a fun sound. So get to it and click play!

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Kaaris – Chargé (Alexander Lewis Trombone Flip)

This tune blew my mind. Coming out of California, Alexander Lewis is definitely next up. His music euphoric, genre bending and forward thinking. His flip of Kaaris’ “Charge” hits home and goes hard. We’re feeling the vibe he’s added to the original as well as Lewis’ entire back catalog. Head to SoundCloud for more.


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Nehedar – Hello Abyss [album]


We were just introduced to the NY-based artist, Nehedar and we can’t get enough of her retro-pop sound. The artist’s new 10-track album is filled with 80’s nostalgia while keeping a modern edge in the songwriting. Starting off strong with “The Story” Nehedar keeps the energy up  until a nice wind-down comes with the piano ballad and acoustic sound on the last two tracks. Who doesn’t love a new album to get into. “Hello Abyss” is available to stream free in it’s entirety on bandcamp!


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Danii Roundtree – Crave


You’ve gotta hear this new song by the artist Danii Roundtree. It’s titled “Crave” and we’ve been really digging it. Influences from jazz, soul, hip-hop all come together under the Danii’s signature voice. This is the lead single from a full album set for release this summer. We’ll surely be keeping an eye out for it.

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SIRMA – Free Fall (Pretty Sister Remix)


I wasn’t aware of the original before I heard this, but the combination of SIRMA’s voice and her songwriting on”Free Fall” is amazing. It was even obvious in the remix. So I’m glad Pretty Sister teamed up with her and we all discovered a new artist. But Pretty Sister spices things up and get the song grooving. Check it out!

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SynCole ft. Nevve – Sway

Sway 300 DPI

SynCole just dropped this trap influenced chill out song. It’s called “Sway” and we were grooving along immediately. The production and sample choice by SynCole is crisp. And add on Nevve’s vocal work and the song comes together nicely. Check it out below.

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Daemon & Airdrie – China Shop

Daemon & Airdrie are a singer/songwriter duo working somewhere in the realm of indie-electronic music. They are onto something with their debut song, “China Shop.” The duo are both vocalists and on the single, dark keyboard and deep sub bass serve as a perfect canvas for them to showcase their style and talents. When a project just kicking off has its sound together like these two do, we can usually look forward to more good to come. So stream it below and discover a new sound to follow.

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Thankful – Wilsonn Mixtape

While a lot of upcoming producers/beatmakers tend to remix bigger artists songs from a production standpoint, sometimes vocalists do it too. Take Wilsonn for example, first putting his lush melodic stylings on top of a SteLouse record, and more recently lacing it on top of Feki’s work. Simply put, this kid has got the juice! Check out his take of “Thankful,” it is a gorgeous rendition.


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