Special Features Releases Remix Package for “You & Me,” with Remixes from Coucheron & Clinton VanSciver

Special Features is announcing the release of a terrific remix package for his critically-acclaimed first solo original track, “You & Me.” The remix package, which features Coucheronand Clinton VanSciver, is being released today for free on his Facebook page. After receiving support from the top publications in the blogosphere and beyond, “You & Me” will see the release of two remixes that take the track to new heights. The first remix comes from Norway’s rising star, Coucheron, and the second from the impressive Clinton VanSciver, a Los Angeles-based visionary talent.

In Coucheron’s remix, he wastes no time in introducing the infectious vocals of the original track, and then guides you through a dreamlike state where arpeggiator sounds and warm pads meet a lead synth riff, which then builds up into a satisfying drop that greets you with welcoming lush melodies. A fitting break in the track arrives shortly, only to intensify the anticipation of a fresh, uncut variation of the initial drop that harnesses your remaining energy and emanating emotion. Coucheron masterfully transformed “You & Me” into his own innovative context.

Clinton VanSciver takes a more unique approach by identifying the opportunity to evolve the track into a progressive electro-funk floor filler. The soaring melodies, massive drums, disco-electro elements, and the original’s lead synth lines conjoin to deliver nothing short of sonic perfection. Then Clinton also keeps versatility in mind as he breaks down into a refreshing half-time section, which leads to the anthemic conclusion of the track. His distinctive and tasteful remixing only adds to the support of recognizing “You & Me” as a true novelty.

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Clinton VanSciver:

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