Read the title. I’m like that neglectful father who says he will be at your game and fails to show. Well, hopefully you don’t completely see through all my apologies. I come and go, as does CB. Hopefully, I’m here to stay. Instead of a spate of posts here and there, I’ll shoot for consistency. Like I’ve always said, stick with me on this one, because running a blog ain’t easy. To start off on the right foot, I’ll pay ode to two of my most treasured rising producers. Both established deep within the DJ realm, dBerrie, a once celebrity disc jockey, and Myndset, a 14-year vet, have both produced two glorious tracks. dBerrie’s “Aquarius” is a fantastic progressive ensemble whereas Myndset’s vocal masterpiece “25th Hour” firmly places him among the ranks of Beatport’s Top 100’s finest. Cheers.



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