So I’d consider nu/disco nu-wave funk, indie-pop, basically anything with a touch of 70s and 80s one of those genres that always sounds good. Kinda like trance – the tracks always sound relatively good whereas you get a bad dubstep track or overbearing progressive cut and you’re in for some bloody ear canals.  Or take for instance minimal/deep. If not in the right setting, there is a strong likelihood you’ll fall asleep. Now, there is a threshold for good, and really fucking good. Here, we got really fucking good. Like memorable good. Not just like oh, sounds good, listen to it once, maybe twice. More like a go-to track for just about anytime you’re looking to funk. Attention – if you happen to be put on the spot as the commander of the iPod and you don’t want to look like a total knob, this pup has your back and it has your back hard. This is the ish that the radio should be airing. Foolproof. Cheers.


Those Days (Viceroy Remix) – Amtrac

Bonus: Good lord, if this track doesn’t shoot to the top of the charts, then I don’t know what will. Kudos to The Burning Ear for pointing this gem out…

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