Every Day

As per the title of this post, no I haven’t been posting everyday and that has made me very, very sad. Wake up with the shakes, feigning for patches, constant hallucinations, the whole kit and kaboodle. But alas, I’m back, and hope to get CB on its grind once again. There is literally no better way to start off my comeback better than paying ode to the greatest producer of the year, and in my book, top 5 all time. Eric Prydz can do no wrong. His thematic approach to production is unrivaled. In other words, where other producers seem to have multiple different songs within one song, based on drops or changes in genre, Prydz creates one song and just builds and builds and builds finally reaching some sort of apex where the lights start flashing and the curtains come down. In short, he knows how to bring the bass while keeping the lead intact. Simplicity at its best. Enfuckingjoy this one. Cheers.


Every Day (Original Mix) – Pryda

Bonus: Oh will you please take me back to the days where trance reigned supreme…

This Night (Max Graham Remix) – Filo & Peri feat. Audrey Gallagher

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  1. Posted November 7, 2012 at 6:42 pm | Permalink

    you guys are falling off…the CB of old would have posted this track rather than an Arty promo video at Lavo as their latest post….


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