Kill Paris – You Don’t Love Me No More

Kill Paris strikes again! Just when we thought the baby-making music connoiseur had left us hanging on the edge of ours seats until the release of his new album, Kill Paris dropped one more original. One thing is for sure he knows how to keep the fans happy. Following the release of “Space Forest”, his latest is a funky, fresh and outer space-influenced masterpiece. Titled “You Don’t Love Me No More”, the bassy tune incorporates ambient instruments and soothing synths. This being the second release off Galaxies Between Us, the small taste we’ve got from the Colorado-natves new album gives us high hopes for the 12-tracks we’ve yet to hear. Out April 14th on Sexy Electric, stream “You Don’t Love Me No More” and mark your calendars for the release of Galaxies Between Us . Enjoy!

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Golden Coast – Take You Away

Golden Coast Take You Away Art

As spring ramps us into the warmth and feel good vibes of summer, Golden Coast releases a new single that has us chomping at the bit for no school, Coppertone and a cool ocean breeze blowing in from Malibu. “Take You Away” has enough swing and synth hook to slingshot you through April until their next release.

Golden Coast on Soundcloud | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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Mirror Talk – 1/M/T


Mirror Talk is the name of the Los Angeles based R&B meets synthpop quartet who today shares a new single called “1/M/T.” One More Time is an effervescently uptempo anthem with stirring vocals and a driving beat. Take a listen to the track below and keep an eye out for Mirror Talk as they prep their upcoming EP “1997,” out in May via Yellow Year Records.

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Gallant – Open Up

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 5.56.26 PM

“Open Up” is an incredibly powerful new tune by Gallant, an L.A. based singer/songwriter/producer who is seriously killing it as of late. The melodic, groovy new tune shows just how talented this rising star is vocally while the smooth production is just as inciting. On the hook, in my opinion, his impressive range and catchy-ness sound like something created by Grammy winner Sam Smith but with his own unique style implemented. Stream “Open Up” below, it’s the perfect record to start your week off to! True alternative R&B at it’s finest.

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SYRE – Burn (feat. Kendra Dias)

Vancouver’s finest, SYRE, is starting off the week right with a new original. From massive remixes, including his well-received Pat Lok, “All In My Head” mix, to stellar originals, Dmitriy Burenok aka SYRE returns today with “Burn”. Featuring vocals from Kendra Dias, the larger than life original is the definition of vibes. Intro-ing with out of the box ping-pong sounds then transitioning into wavy smooth synths, angelic vocals and guitar slides, “Burn” mixes Tropical elements with a Future House vibe. Out on Next Wave Records, grab your free copy of the tune below. Enjoy!

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Jeremih feat. J. Cole – Planes (Steven Lee & Carl Kennedy Remix)

unnamed (3)

It’s not often that a multiple Grammy winner like Steven Lee flies under the radar as he has done. With one of the biggest dance music tracks of the decade in “Shake It” under his belt, there’s no denying the abundance of talent that Lee possesses, but rather, it begs the question, “Why isn’t Steven Lee a superstar?” Lee achieved his current status in the music industry through hard work, dedication, and perseverance, and there’s no question that if he continues on his current trajectory, the superstar status will come. Most recently, Lee teamed up with Carl Kennedy to deliver a stunning house remix of Jeremih and J. Cole’s “Planes.” The leisurely original is great and all but this remix elevates the hype-chill r&b song into a impeccable and lively house track. Managing to take the indoor club outside and into the sun, Lee and Kennedy successfully produced one of the best summer jams we’ve heard so far!

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Niaa – Body (Stint Remix)


Before the rise of electronic music, the job of a producer wasn’t always as glorious as it is now. Producers put in a lot of work, and oftentimes, don’t reap the same benefits as artists. Stint has made his money in hip-hop, producing tracks like “Open Up” for Mind of a Genius artist, Gallant, but that hasn’t stopped him from dabbling in his own originals as well. In an effort to keep the creative juices flowing, Stint tackled a remix of “Body” by Niia, turning the track into a downtempo masterpiece with a chilled-out vibe that elevate Niia’s angelic vocals.

With regards to the remix, Stint commented, “I’d been grinding away on a lot of projects with other artists that still haven’t been released. I began feeling like I needed to put out something for catharsis creatively, and to let the internet know I wasn’t dead or stranded on an island. A couple of weeks ago a friend sent me this track Body by Niia and I immediately had an idea for a track. It’s not often that songs come easy to me, but this one seemed to happen naturally. I feel like the lyrics speak for themselves and I didn’t want to overshadow or let the production do anything more or less. What’s funny to me is that the vibe feels so live and smooth, and yet a lot of the instruments are heavily edited samples. No live drums, bass, guitar, or trumpet were actually played. It’s just this complex mosaic of tiny edits to make something feel wholly simple and natural. Read into that as much as you will…”

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SAINT WKND – Positive Vibe

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 5.18.24 PM

SAINT WKND is really starting to take the House scene by storm with his constantly evolving sound. A couple months back [when the young producer’s name was simply WKND] he focused more on producing Tropical house, yet on his latest drop, “Positive Vibe” it’s more of a garage House style that bounces along with super high energy. I’ve been keeping tabs on this dude for a while now and he only gets better, I’m sure by the end of 2015 he’ll be a well known name in the scene because his craft as a producer only continues to evolve. Can’t put my finger on a specific genre that SAINT WKND sticks to and I love that. Check out “Positive Vibe” below, I bet anything your mood will be in a better place after just one listen through!

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Attom – Cruise


Attom is an up and coming producer who deserves your attention. His newest record, “Cruise” does just what the title hints at and makes you want to take a relaxing car ride or peaceful journey of sorts due to how laid back the down tempo track is. Out now through SuicideSheep [MrSuicideSheep’s record label] the song is sprinkled with minor pitch bended samples and a flux of atmospheric sound design, “Cruise” is a beautiful new tune that is incredibly silky. Snag your free download after streaming the latest by Attom below now! Happy Friday.

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ODESZA – White Lies (Instrum Remix)


A few weeks ago, we introduced a brand new producer hailing from New York called Instrum, who was ready to tear up the summer with his unique brand of funk-influenced deep house. His latest offering is a remix of ODESZA’s “White Lies.” Instrum gives ODESZA’s popular track new life, with an epic deep house re-imagination that is bursting with an entrancing bass line and glittering synth stabs that only serve to bolster Jenni Pott’s beautiful vocals.

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