Jeffrey James – Running Away

Released on the rising label, South x Sea ,“Running Away” is a new creation by the Nashville based artist Jeffrey James. It’s an indie pop record where the rhythms hold things together as the vocal melodies pull at the heartstrings. Stream it here and enjoy.

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Gryffin & Illenium – Feel Good (ft. Daya)


Gryffin and Illenium may crossover into the next stages of their career and into the mainstream with their new collaboration, “Feel Good.” Featuring the songstress with three hits to her name, Daya, the production duo show off their chemistry and the complementary nature of their work flow. While Illenium’s pump is certainly present, Gryffin infuses his melodic genius in the synth and guitar lines to amplify Daya’s belting vocals. Check out the masterpiece below.

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NOTNO – Live

“Live” by Notno is one of my favorite tunes to date. Sent over by my good friend, so you can thank her! This record possess great energy that has me dancing in my seat as I write this. Enjoy!

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MEDZ feat. Kings – Unforgettable

Be Rich Records is a rising record label from down under, and MEDZ and Kings come from the same part of the globe. Echoing keyboard stabs and tasteful, melodic vox-chops hold the rhythm as smooth hooks pave the way into an energetic drop of machine-gun-esque, dynamic, undulating synths. “Unforgettable ft. draws from future-bass and hip-hop elements alike. And as the record’s name suggests, the New Zealand native’s are set to jot down their unique signature-sound on the palm of history’s hand and leave their indelible mark. Listen now above!

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Emma Dewing – Buttons

A new singer songwriter on our radar is Emma Dewing. She just released this new song “Buttons” and we’ve had it on repeat for a minute. A hip-hop influenced rhythm backs Emma’s vocals, together making a seriously good listen. 

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BeLL – Losing My Religion (Tom & Collins Remix)

For the House fans out there, this remix by the duo Tom & Collins passes the test. There are strong techno influences blended into the pop sound of BeLL’s vocals and R.E.M’s songwriting. But tune in for yourself to hear a fresh depper take on “Losing My Religion.”

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William Bolton – Bae For The Night

“Bae For The Night” is a high energy soulful song with a story to tell. Props go to the artist William Bolton, who’s making a serious name for himself. I”m excited to watch his moves as we head into 2018!

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Spenda C – Release feat. Cult Shφtta

“Spenda C and I first met online after finding each other’s music on social media. We both had massive love and respect for each other on a musical level, but also on a personal level so we clicked straight away. After a few months, Spenda invited me to perform at one of his shows in Sydney. We instantly become homies after I introduced him to the beautiful world of Fat Lamb (shout out Fat Lamb Ginger Beer), so it was only natural for us to collaborate on a track and [this new collaboration] Release is the result.” – Cult Shφtta on how the two came in connection and cooked up this new heater. Enjoy!

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Cazzette ft. Leo Stannard – Oceans (Dave Winnel Remix)

You might remember Cazzette’s song “Oceans” featuring the vocalist Leo Stannard. It got a bunch of attention and now we’re excited to say there’s a new remix by the producer Dave Winnel. It’s just
banging. Stream it here!

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Geordie Kieffer – Tastes Like Chocolate

Rising alternative pop singer songwriter Geordie Kieffer just dropped this new tune. “Tastes Like Chocolate” takes you on a ride as the melody and vocals progress and layer wonderfully. And the artist is starting a weekly residency at the Satellite for all you LA people so check it out!

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