Desert Hearts’ City Hearts Los Angeles Event Will Be Absolutely Epic This Friday


Desert Hearts, a festival, event company, label, and crew, is undeniably one of the most exciting things to arise out of the underground over the past few years. Recently, they’ve been growing exponentially, as their house & techno festivals have built a strong reputation that has overflowed into major cities across the U.S. and abroad. Lucky for us, this has lead to more events like their “City Hearts” series that has become the 6-date Summer of Love 2015 tour featuring Mikey Lion, Lee Reynolds, Marbs, Porkchop, Deep Jesus, and special guests.

This Friday, Los Angeles is in for a special treat as City Hearts LA will be taking place at the Belasco, and the crew will be pulling all the stops for their biggest offering in the city yet. Expect world-class house & techno pumping through a Funktion-One all night, art, fire spinning & performances, pile areas (from their Pile Palace Burning Man camp), and more.

Get in the mood with this Lonely Boy set from the Desert Hearts Spring Festival, and buy tickets for City Hearts LA here. See you there!

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The 1975 – Chocolate (Taylor Wise Remix)


We’ve been fans of Taylor Wise since we came across his remix of Akon’s “I’m So Paid” almost a year ago, and we’re happy to say that the New York newcomer has just put out a remix of “Chocolate” by The 1975. The indie pop vocals and vibe of Matt Healy and The 1975 provide the perfect blank canvas for Taylor Wise to showcase his signature brand of feel-good house music.

Soaring xylophone riffs come together with a driving piano melody, booming basslines, and glimmering synths to give “Chocolate” a summer-ready personality. With school still out of session and summer in full swing, blast this one at your next pool party because it’s a free download.

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R.LUM.R – Be Honest (Attom Remix)

attom remix copy

This new Attom remix is pretty awesome! He put his own sound onto alternative R&B artist R.LUM.R’s recently released original “Be Honest” by gearing it up with a beachy sound design that sounds like chill tropical house. I’ve been listening to this remix since it dropped last week, and plan to continue to do just that until Fall, it is filled with a blissful feel to it. Enjoy the latest by Attom below!

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Tyler Touché – Act of God (Robotaki Remix)


Hump day is never an easy part of the week to get through, but there’s nothing like some great music to get you through the rest of the week until Friday rolls around. Today, we’ve got a stellar remix of Tyler Touché’s “Act of God” by Robotaki, one of Toronto’s most promising, young talents.

Robotaki’s remix is smooth and sensual, as the immensely talented producer keeps the production simple to allow Jason Gaffner’s vocals to take center stage. Soft, soothing guitar chords are layered with sparkling synth arrangements and a funk-inspired bass line to give Robotaki’s remix a new look that’s perfect for the summertime. Robotaki’s remix is only up as a free download for 48 hours, so hurry and snag it here.

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Jerry Folk – Futura


Jerry Folk is back with his second original “Futura,” featuring a groovy sound perfect for the summer weather. With massive success on the release of his “Lose It” remix last month, the Norwegian genius returns with his staple, retro-like sound in full force. Folk’s new track builds on nostalgic synths combined with chopped female vocals and strong bass throughout the song. The young producer, who was just recently signed with the booking agency giant AM Only, proves that his cutting-edge sound has been taking over the dance music community. With over 2 million plays on his last release and a fast-growing fan base, Jerry Folk is destined to have a very promising career in the next months. You can download Jerry Folk’s “Futura” here.

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oshi – heal you (oshi redo) ft. jamal woon & courtney bennett


Dance music’s recent explosion has led to the emergence of a number of brand new, niche sub-genres. Genres like future have paved the way for artists like oshi to take on more experimental roles in their music, and the results have been spectacular. As a thank you for reaching 50k followers, oshi has put out his re-do of “heal you,” which is due out on his upcoming EP.

“heal you” is a future at its core, but borrows elements from other genres like trap. An infectiously catchy vocal sample drives the track forward as soaring synth chords and sparkling bass lines are paired with glitchy percussive arrangements. “heal you” is available as a free download, so get it here.

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Jahkoy – Still In Love (Vasta Remix)

Dont you love the feeling when you discover something so good and so underrated? This is the first post of rising star Vasta who hit the scene a few months ago, and wow is he making a name for himself. He started his career with one of my favorite house remixes of XYLO and now is taking a swing at the likes of Jahkoy. I’ve been watching and following Vasta as he’s developed, and I can assure you he is here to stay. This last remix has banging drums and deep cuts, and it’s a free download, so make sure you grab it up top or here.

Also, checkout his Soundcloud for the rest of his releases and an exclusive THUMP Mix: Vasta Soundcloud

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Artec – Feels So Good ft. Mike Irving


I don’t know about you guys, but it’s overcast out in LA right now, and I’m not a fan. Lucky for me, Artec just put out a scorching new song today that will burn off the clouds and have the sun shining bright on the West Coast. Hailing from Miami, Artec is the marriage of art and technology, and his newest single, “Feels So Good,” is an uplifting progressive house number that will have you jumping in the air screaming the lyrics.

In celebration of the release, Artec said, “I wrote this song about two years ago with Mike. The lyrics really resonated with me. I wanted to make an uplifting song that puts people in the mood to celebrate. ‘Feels So Good’ is about leaving your problems behind and embracing life to the fullest. It’s about not feeling stuck or frustrated, and remembering that things happen and things change.”

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Blonde – All Cried Out (TKDJS Remix)


If you don’t know TKDJS, it’s time to start educating yourself, because these guys are about to blow up. The New York City-based trio of producers have dabbled in the deeper regions of house with their music, before perfecting their unique twist on future house and bass house – and it’s absolutely awesome. They’ve just put out their newest remix, a bass house re-imagination of Blonde’s “All Cried Out” that will have you jumping out of your seat because of how good it is.

Blonde’s soulful vocals offer the perfect balance to the swirling low-end and booming basslines of TKDJS’ remix. Heady bass accents and whomping wobbles paired with old-school-rave piano riffs will have your subs putting in some serious work, so blast this one load and pick up the free download here. Keep an eye out for TKDJS going forward because they’re stars in the making.

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The Weeknd – Can’t Feel My Face (Blu J Remix)


It’s the start of the week and we’ve got a scorcher for you today to help bust you out of your Mondaze. Blu J stormed onto the scene to showcase their vibed-out future house sound with a stellar remix of Alina Baraz and Galimatias’ hit, “Fantasy,” and the San Francisco-based duo has returned to the studio to turn The Weeknd’s disco-laden jam, “Can’t Feel My Face,” into a dance floor heater.

Combining the soulful, sultry vocals of The Weeknd with their signature future flair, Blu J has turned “Can’t Feel My Face” into a pool of bass big enough to swim in, and it’s absolutely awesome. Be sure to keep an eye out for Blu J in the next few months because these guys are talented. They’ve put their “Can’t Feel My Face” up to download for free, so make sure to snag your copy here.

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