BIGGIE SMILES – We Wanted Love Ft. Mylen

Biggie Smiles

Big ups to BIGGIE SMILES for creating such a jam. Mylen’s smooth vocals are just the cherry on top of this ice cream sunday of a sweet tune. Stream “We Wanted Love” after the jump you won’t be disappointed. Check it out!

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AJ – Tongue

“Tongue” by AJ is a song I absolutely love. His vocals and songwriting get put to the test and pass 100%. His ability to create breathtaking music is awesome so go show him some support on SoundCloud. Enjoy!

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TastyTreat – Simple Things Ft. Choice

Music is beautiful, and this certain pop record has solidified that statement. Lush chords meet Choice’s vocals, and gives us a wonderful feeling. TastyTreat, thank you. You really did it this time.

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Gold Dash – Feel It Now

I was blown away after hearing this tune from Gold Dash. The artist has had quite a year thus far and is not slowing down anytime soon. I definitely will be keeping a close eye on these folks.

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Autolaser & PLS&TY – Hiding From The Rain Ft. MARØ


Autolaser and PLS&TY do it again. This will make it two collabs in the last month between the two artists. The first one, “Used To This” was also sweet, so if you haven’t heard it I recommend you check it out. But today I bring you “Hiding From The Rain” featuring some amazing R&B influenced vocals by MARØ. I think you will dig it!

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R.LUM.R – Tell Me


“Tell Me” is Tennessee-based singer R.LUM.R’s fourth release to date, and it also happens to be my favorite track by the up and comer. Not only does it mark new territory for his camp, getting more in touch with his electronic elements and vibes via Super Duper’s production, but it also shows that simplicity is key. While the lyrics, melodies and production isn’t anything spectacular or left field, it will hit you right in the feels.

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Justin Jay Releases His Anticipated “Karma” Late Nite Dub

Justin Jay continues his series of singles with his anticipated “Late Nite Dub” of the Justin Jay & Friends debut, “Karma,” out now via Black Butter Records. After hitting #1 on Hype Machine and amassing over 400,000 streams online with “What Do You Want” last week, the Los Angeles-based producer/DJ unveils the fourth song from his forthcoming debut album, Fantastic Voyage (The Album!). This weekend, Justin Jay will be bringing the full band with him for a Fantastic Voyage show at Brooklyn’s Baby’s All Right this Friday, the 22nd.

For his “Late Nite Dub” of “Karma,” Justin Jay weaves snippets of the original’s Josh Taylor vocals into a shadowy, moody groove accented by a thick droning bassline, 80’s synths, and a warm vinyl crackle to tie it all together. Catch Justin live on his Fantastic Voyage tour and buy tickets here.

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Robokid – 23

Robokid - 23

LA-based producer Robokid is on a roll right now. After dropping his remix for Madeaux’s “Kill For Me” through Fool’s Gold Records, the Boston native is now back at it again… with an original this time around. “23” has effortlessly become the Coachella anthem after being featured on the live stream last weekend.

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Bells and Robes – How Could We Have Known?

bells & robes

You don’t have to run up every weekend, especially while listening to ambient tunes like this one by Atlanta natives and production duo Bells and Robes. “How Could We Have Known” is the title track off the guy’s new EP and it’s a wavy delight. Properly using samples in your soundscape can be tricky to do in an organic fashion, but they show true creativity and originality on this one. Stream and download “How Could We Have Known.”

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Goldwash – Separate

Lately it’s been a struggle finding new music, so when I uncovered this new Goldwash I was ecstatic. “Separate” is tantalizes the listener in the absolute best way possible. Help support him on SoundCloud and don’t forget to snag that download for free.

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