The Beautiful Girls – Long Way Home (Danielle Remix)

long way home

New York’s emerging producer/DJ, Danielle, releases a catchy new remix of The Beautiful Girls’ “Long Way Home” for free download on her SoundCloud. Following up on her debut remix of Freedom Fry’s “Shaky Ground” that has amassed over 100,000 plays, this fashion-forward artist is poised to out-do herself with her second, indie-fueled production. Driven by tastemaker ideals, Danielle has revived an older, relatively unheard favorite, “Long Way Home,” by supporting elements of the original with a groovy house backbone, and summery xylophone riffs. Stay tuned for more music from Danielle coming soon!

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Frankie – Problems Problems (Thero Remix Feat. Caye)


One may think Kygo is the undisputed king of smooth vibes and warm sounds, as the creditor inventor of tropical house has risen to stardom with essentially no competition. One may also argue that this style of music is regulated only to the warmer months of the year. We would argue that both of those statements have now been rendered invalid with this newcomer. His name? Thero.

He works in the Big Apple now, but Palm Beach is the city he calls home, and the Sunshine State has definitely had an influence on his lifestyle and production. His music is characterized by the feel-good vibes and lighthearted mindset you might expect, but it comes wrapped in a package of sounds that make him something truly special. His remixes continue to burst with popularity, and his latest one is his biggest yet. Frankie’s ‘Problems Problems’ is one of the best-known singles of the year, and this remix might make it one of the most popular of the year (not just the summer). With the help of Caye, a 17 year old rapper who’s sound is as cool as Thero’s is warm, this remix takes the track to new heights in a blend of deep grooves and sunny thoughts. The end result is an infectious tune with a new narrative and a dynamism that makes this an instant classic. Check it out and grab the free download, you won’t regret it.

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Nihils – Help Our Souls (Urban Contact Remix)

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 6.43.24 PM

Austrian duo Urban Contact is bringing back their hit remix of Nihils’ “Help Our Soul.” This chill flip is clearly coming back for a reason – it’s a great record. The two have provided top quality remixes of artists ranging from Oh Wonder to Bon Iver, but this edit on Nihil’s record is their funkiest/sexiest to date, in my opinion. Urban Contact really brought the feels on this one, lacing it with some dance-able chords, a steadily thumping kick and leaving the clean vocal part (basically) untouched. We’re a little late on this one, but we’re glad we didn’t completely miss out on it! Check out Urban Contact’s remix below.

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Ferdinand Weber – What


Fresh from the crypts of Berlin comes Ferdinand Weber, house connoisseur in everything he does. No surprises here, Weber already built a steady name for himself since last year alongside producer Fabich on several tracks and remixes, including some stunning house edits of tunes by The Weeknd and Jamie Woon. Now the Berliner returns with another house spectacle, the catchy and sophisticated sound of “What”. It’s a track that stands out with its melody as well as the airy hints of 60s hippie vibes it radiates. Already supported by some early adopting DJs, “What” is set out to become another summer tune for Weber, taking his classic house groove to a new, innovative level.

“What” comes out May 4th on Spinnin’ Deep.

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The M Machine – Don’t Speak (Manila Killa Remix)

image (2)

There isn’t much to say about the up-and-coming dc based producer, Manila Killa you haven’t heard from us already. One of the co-founders of the break-out collectives Moving Castle, as well as 1/2 of Hotel Garuda, today Manila drops a jaw dropping remix of The M Machine’s “Don’t Speak”. What I honestly don’t even know how to defy the genres of the track, the multiple break downs and rifts will make you jump out your chair, and then the mallets will make you dance. Easy as that, you can find this remix, as well as Worthy, CRNKN, and Evil Nine’s out on the full Just Like remix package on April 23rd.

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Nero – The Thrill (Porter Robinson Remix)

The master of making beautiful music, Porter Robinson, isn’t taking a break for a second. After playing a massive show at Coachella this past weekend and gearing up as weekend 2 approaches, the ultra-talented producer has found time to deliver a new remix in the midst of his busy schedule. Remixing one of my favorite performers this past weekend, Nero, Porter puts his signature touch on “The Thrill”. A little bit harder than his previous releases, the remix incorporates Asian-inspired elements, heavy synths, dance-worthy chords and a glittery breakdown. With his electro background shining through, this might be the first glimpse we see of Porter switching up his style a bit. Check the tune out below, enjoy!

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Woolf and the Wondershow – Cloaked


Woolf and the Wondershow is an enigmatic new duo with a penchant for old timey things. Taking cues from Victorian era (think powdered wigs, Lewis Carroll, etc), Woolf and the Wondershow channels the late 1800s in the video for their debut single “Cloaked.” In the track itself Woolf weaves more obscure instrumentation in, making this (in our opinion) a stand out debut synthpop single. Take a listen to the track below and head on over to YouTube to watch the official video.

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ID – Mr. TOOT (Radio Edit)

Every now and again we come across an artist that would rather stay anonymous, but sometimes to secret gets out and that artist is revealed. Other times, artists like UZ keep their secret tight and remain a mystery for a sustained amount of time, but then there are also artists like Oliver Heldens that use the mystery factor as a tease, much like how he did with “Gecko.” We’re hoping this new song, “Mr. TOOT,” is like “Gecko” because we can’t get enough. The track brings something a bit unexpected, as it merges classical sounds with current house music for a stunning, seamless mix of vibes that form this floor filler tune. Enjoy above and help us keep a look out for more info on this!

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Carmada – Maybe (Elk Road & SLUMBERJACK Remix)


Australia has some amazing talent, and today I present 3 of the heaviest hitters on the scene; SLUMBERJACK, Elk Road and Carmada. I’m sure you’ve heard of at least one of these artists by now (if not all 3 projects) but last week the three names come together on one release. Production duo SLUMBERJACK joins forces with Elk Road to create an official remix of “Maybe” by Carmada. Out on April 16th through OWSLA, this one is quite the banger, angrily bouncing along infectious synthesizers, horns and bangin’ drums. Brace yourself for this new remix, because it is gigantic! Pre-order the “Maybe” Remixes EP here, it’s stacked with talent.

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Cheat Codes – Adventure

Cheat Codes - Adventure

The newest single from Cheat Codes is something you won’t forget. “Adventure” cleverly merges together a myriad of genres from the tangled roots of electronic to hip hop to pop, and live instrumentation. Their extraordinary songs have continued to develop and evolve, while still retaining the same uniqueness and invention that make thier vision truly unique…one you’ll want to follow along.

Follow Cheat Codes on Soundcloud || Twitter || Instagram

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