Fresh off the press from the NY resident David Berrie, better known as dBerrie, this cut has elements of like a Qulinez-eque chainsaw, heavy progressive drop as we have seen so often (although this one has a unique tear to it), and subtle piano lead that sets the tone from the beginning. Add the dreamy vocals of Blue Foundation and you have what I like to call these days, well actually since I started posting, a dance floor juggernaut.

As I’ve not in previous dBerrie posts dating way back to 2010, this cat got started on the celeb-DJ circuit and in swanky nighlife districts like that of the meatpacking in NYC. After a realization his skills extended far beyond the decks, Berrie began his journey into the realm of production. Lucky for us, many find themselves at casinos like www.partycasino.com, gambling their time and money away, but this producer realized his vocation was in music. From the sound of it, Berrie is overwhelmingly versatile in the studio as his productions range from tribal tech to grinding progressive house, with I like to call hints of electro flair. At a point in the EDM scene where it is increasingly more difficult to separate oneself from the pack, Berrie is doing a damn good job associating himself with quality productions. Let’s just hope his sounds continues to develop and he’s able to penetrate the market with as much success as he had in 2012. Keep your ears peeled. Cheers.



Bonus: Ahh, a Goldroom remix. What could be better? As Josh Legg, artist behind Goldroom, puts it this remix is “Its deep and contemplative and clean and dirty all at once.” Couldn’t agree more with the description. The rendition’s dreamy quality and unique ensemble of drums only adds to its imprint. Take a good hard listen…

Double Bonus: A light-hearted deep house track with jazzy vocals and subtle background elements. A Brooklyn native, this up-and-comer has made a serious dent in the house seen, especially in NY. This Friday he will be playing at The Glasslands Gallery in Williamsburg. Definitely a show worth coming out for because it’s only $10, and you’ll probably have a much better time rather than being stuffed into Webster Hall or Roseland Ballroom for some over-promoted mega DJ event with way too much neon. So take a listen, kick back, and enjoy the ridiculously relaxing vibes from Chris Malinchak…

If U Got It – Chris Malinchak



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