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Obviously Avicii killed it at Marquee last month on the 18th. In this vid I took of him, he dropped “Bromance” (my personal favorite), and shit hit the fan. We were lucky enough to get a quick chat with him after his set because his manager is a real nice guy. It’s short and sweet. Cheers to the breakout artist of the year as claimed by many many many independent publications… Avicii.


CB:   Being a house enthusiast, I cannot imagine what it was like to spin in Ibiza. Can you tell us your favorite venue out there?

A: Pacha is absolutely incredible…nothing on earth can match the energy of the crowd. Privilege is on another level too. The place is enormous, I’ve never seen so many people gathered just to party under one roof besides festivals, ya know. Someone said it’s the biggest club on earth…all I know is that shit goes down there and its great. When I dropped some of my main tracks, you could just feel the the response from the crowd. I’m telling you, Ibiza is the place to be.

CB:   Traveling must be one of the best parts of being a DJ/producer of your status. What country gives you the best response?

A: I love that people are getting into my music. It started off just with friends at home listening to mixes, now I have a global audience. As for the countries that give me the most love, I’d say France and the US, but my home country Sweden definitely shows me love too.

CB:    You tweeted on Tiesto’s wall the other day. What was it like performing with the most famous DJ/Producer of all time?

A: Tiesto is a really great guy, you would expect someone with as much experience and fame as him to have an ego, but he’s so humble and down to earth – you would never know how big this guy really is by talking to him.

CB:   Speaking of Tiesto, I know you have a new collaborative track with him. You got anything else cooking?

A: We’ve actually been working on something, lookout for it within the next few months. Tiesto, Sebastian Ingrosso, and I are planning a mix that I think, will blow everyone away. Robyn and I also have something cooking, I’ll keep you posted on that too.

CB:   Well I don’t know how I can love anything more than Bromance, but I’ll take your word for it? What would you consider your biggest influences DJ wise?

A: The Swedish House Mafia has a sound that I try to incorporate into my music. I really look up to those guys and what they have done for the industry. Since a young age I was always discourage about my dream of becoming a DJ. It’s not the most typical job ya know so you need some influences to give you hope and ambition. Plus, a lot of my passion comes from my fans and seeing their response when I throw one of my tracks on. Imagine all these people dancing to “My Feelings for You.” It’s amazing man!

CB:   Was your family supportive of your dream?

A: Yeah they were, all the time. I’m grateful for that, because if they weren’t I probably wouldn’t be where I am today.

CB:   Avicii, I wish we had more time to talk but it looks like you got to bounce – a long night at Marquee can do that. We thank you so much man and wish you the best of luck. Any last words?

A: Life is great man, enjoy the music and have fun. I’m in NY now and I’m gonna enjoy my time. I got some festivals coming up and I can’t wait. Then you will see what really goes down haha.

Correction: The Avicii track dubbed as “Tears” is actually a cut from a duo called Jungell and Vic. The track’s actual name is “My Cupcakez” and here it is below.

My Cupcakez – Vic and Jungell

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